Match Reports

13 Boys: Newcastle Jets 2-1 South Coast Flame

Although the result did not go our way on Sunday, the boys played extremely well against a quality opposition that sit top of the league.

We dominated for large parts of the first half, with some excellent movement and passing having the opposition on the back-foot. Unfortunately we conceded a goal mid-way through the first half and went into the sheds trailing 1-0.

We picked up from where we left off in the first half and had a couple of chances that unfortunately we did not take. The Jets then started to take the upper hand and scored again. Credit to the boys, they never gave in and we scored through a Kingston 25-yard effort with two minutes left.

Although we lost our undefeated record, Newcastle’s coaching staff commented that the boys where the best team they had played so far this season and our quality of play should be commended.
The coaching staff are extremely proud of all boys efforts and we are building to bigger and better things hopefully.


Player of the week: Kingston Obednikovski

Kingston controlled middle of the park and had a high work rate.


14 Boys: Newcastle Jets 2-1 South Coast Flame

Flame started the game well and were rewarded with an early goal to Ben Parry. Flame’s high press and calmness on the ball saw them dominate the early period, however the Jets grew into the game and started making a contest of it.

Some poor decision making and execution lead to a turnover in the back third and the Jets equalised on the counter.

A tactical change saw Flame pin the Jets back for the first 15 minutes of the second period, forcing numerous turnovers and putting constant pressure on goal, but some poor finishing and lucky touches saw the Flame fail to penetrate the goal and get the lead they deserved.

Jets played on the counter and in the last 15 minutes were awarded a questionable penalty which was slotted away. Flame pushed harder to the end searching for the equaliser, and with the last kick of the game had a indirect free kick from the six-yard box blocked by the Jets team, ending with a 2-1 loss.

Player of the week: Ben Parry

Ben executed BPO tasks well to force many turnovers and created numerous scoring chances, both by bringing team mates into play with his combination play by executing his player tasks in the front third.


15 Boys: Newcastle Jets 2-4 South Coast Flame

The Flame 15’s secured a fantastic result against table-topping Newcastle Jets.

The Jets have been the benchmark for a number of years and we showed great skill and determination to come from behind twice for a 4-2 victory.

After being 2-1 down at half time, the boys responded positively to the team talk and played with the Flame resilience. A great team effort and 4 goals from Willem Robaard secured the win.

Player of the week: Caleb Haig

Caleb showed great determination throughout the week. Caleb worked tirelessly to win the ball back, and showed great decision making and execution on the ball which played a part in our goals scored.


16 Boys: Newcastle Jets 2-2 South Coast Flame

The team worked hard all week at training on a game plan for the Newcastle outfit that had won every game this year.

The boys execute the plan well and went ahead through Blake Person. We took this lead to half time. Newcastle were able to equalise mid-way through the second half and then were awarded a home-town penalty. Eamon was able to get a strong hand to the ball but unable to keep it out unfortunately.

The boy never gave up and were rewarded by a thunder bolt half volley by Jackson Beniuk to level the score. Noah Crapis then had a header save off the line in the last minute. When the boys play to their potential, they will be able to bet any team this year.

Player of the week: Jackson Beniuk

Jackson’s work rate was exceptional, and he scored a great half-volley to tie the game.


18 Boys: Newcastle Jets 2-4 South Coast Flame

It was a long drive north for our under 18 boys on Sunday, yes on Mothers Day, to take on the second placed Newcastle Jets at their immaculate fields and facilities in Lake Macquarie.

Newcastle are strong and fast, and our Flame boys needed to lift and stay focused on their game plan, rather than being intimated by the prestige of the Jets players. This game did not disappoint! Sunday was all about our attacking players and their unwavering determination to score.

The first half was furious, as both sides tried to break the defensive line and shoot for goals. It was in the 52nd minute when the opportunity arose for Flame when Jyden Harb took a shot, which was initially deflected by their goalie, but then neatly finished by Zachary Birch to lead 1-0.

However, Newcastle were quick to reassemble, and within minutes counter attacked and scored, making it 1-1. This woke up our boys and so with determination and effort, they rallied another attack on the Jets with some great movement of the ball through the middle for Jyden to take another shot and this time find the net himself, bringing the score to 2-1 in the 62nd minute.

Although Newcastle looked intent on shutting us down, another attacking play by Zachary to Jyden, and onto Jay De Gouveia, found its mark and in the 70th minute, we are now leading 3-1. This excitement was short lived as just three minutes later a handball called in the box, meaning Newcastle had the chance to score and they neatly finished a penalty kick to bring the score a little closer, at 3-2.

This did not deter our team and after a corner in the 80th minute, some excellent footwork and aggression on the ball by Jay keeps it in play and Antonio Sansone seizes the opportunity to finish, finding the back of the net, making it 4-2 our way.

Newcastle continued to fight back but couldn’t break through our boys, and so the final whistle goes with the score remaining at 4-2, an outstanding win for our boys, in what can only be described as an exciting and intense game of action which showcased how well our under 18’s are playing together as a team.

Player of the week: Antonio Sansone

Antonio was very creative in the front third causing Newcastle defence all sorts of problems. Excellent performance.


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