There are a number of approaches available to you:

1. Submit your grievance via email to the Administration Coordinator at, you will be advised about what your options are and what will happen if you decide to proceed with the complaint. Nothing will be done at this stage without obtaining your agreement.

2 If you wish to proceed with a formal complaint, we will contact you to discuss the nature of your grievance.

3. Once you have lodged a formal complaint, an investigation will be conducted to determine the severity of the incident. The investigation may involve interviewing all witnesses or asking witnesses to provide written statements. The importance of confidentiality will be stressed to all parties and they will be warned of the consequences if there is a breach of confidentiality. The person(s) you have complained about will be interviewed about the events leading to your complaint and will be given an opportunity to respond to the complaint made against them.

4. The Administration Coordinator will inform you of the outcomes of the investigation and discuss what should be done to resolve the problem. Depending on whether the complaint is verified or not verified, a number of possible outcomes could result.

5.  Grievances are also dealt with under Section 6.2 of the South Coast Flame Disciplinary Regulations which can be found here: SCF Disciplinary and Dispute Regulations