South Coast Flame FC was formed in 2017.

This additional pathway through South Coast Flame FC will provide players beyond 16 years of age with opportunities to remain within our current regional professional and full time representative structure. FSC have many players leaving our region every year to seek representative football, this new FSC Association Representative Club will provide additional opportunities and choice for the 10,000 juniors that are currently part of our game in the region” – Football South Coast Chairman, Eddy De Gabriele.

The vision and philosophy for the club is to provide our association players and coaches with a representative club that is focused on local player and coaching development.

The coaching staff will also be supported by FSC Technical Director Jonathan Forster who said, “given the success of our FSC representative junior sides, it’s crucial to complete a player pathway for aspiring young local footballers who wish to continue their football development”.

The name Flame was inspired by the Illawarra Flame Tree which is a natural icon of our region. The second component of the ‘Flame’ relates to the iconic flames that reflect the steel industry, the associated multiculturalism and history that has enriched our region with its passion for football.

The new 3D logo features a flame on a blue background which also incorporates the three other colours of Football South Coast (Blue, Green and Gold) – which represents the region’s blue skies, our magnificent rich green escarpment and the pure gold sands of our fabulous beaches.