Chair: Maria Zouros

Maria joined the board in 2021, having experience in football administration at junior club level and having roles in a school P&C committee for three years prior. She was Figtree Junior Soccer Club assistant registrar following that with the registrar’s role for 5 years and Vice President of Juniors for 2 years. She is an electrical engineer having worked at BlueScope’s Port Kembla Steelworks for 30 years in various roles. Maria joined the board as it is a community-based role and having spent time at junior level has seen the many positives that sport can bring to people’s lives. The Flame offers the opportunity for local players and coaches to pursue the next level of football in the Illawarra.

Board of Directors:

Alissa Webster

Matt Werakso

Cath Chard

Stephen Thomas

Jonathan Forster

Matt Whalan