FSC and South Coast Flame FC Spectator Code of Conduct

To ensure that all spectators are able to equally enjoy any Football South Coast and South Coast Flame FC sanctioned matches in a safe and secure environment it is a condition of entry to this venue that each person MUST:

1. RESPECT the decisions of Match Officials without abuse or recourse;

2. NOT engage in any form of harassment or abuse, including the use of obscene or offensive language or gestures so as to incite hatred or violence or partake in any indecent, racist chanting or anti-social behaviour;

3. RESPECT the rights of every person present regardless of their beliefs or background;

4. NOT encourage, NOT incite and NOT participate in any form of violence towards any person present;

5. RESPECT all duly appointed Ground and Club Officials, Coaches and Players without abuse or recourse;

6. ACCEPT all other terms and conditions of entry to a public venue, including ‘bag’ inspections. Note: All prohibited and restricted items such as flares, dangerous articles and items that have the potential to cause any injury or public nuisance will be confiscated and handed to the relevant State Authorities for reclaim;

7. ACCEPT the ban on bringing other national and political flags, banners or emblems into this venue (except for recognised Australian National or State flags);

8. NOT throw any item whatsoever onto the field of play or at other spectators, officials or people;

9. NOT enter the field of play, designated restricted flagged–off areas or its surrounds at any time;

10. BEHAVE in a socially acceptable and responsible manner that enhances the reputation and goodwill of FFA, Football FNSW, FSC, SCF and the community.

11. NOT bring any alcohol, illegal substance or drug whatsoever into this venue.

12. Comply with the FFA Spectator Code of Conduct

IMPORTANT NOTICE Any person who does not comply with any part of this Code of Conduct or who otherwise causes a disturbance will (1) be reported to the relevant State Police Authority, (2) will be evicted from this venue and (3) may be banned from attending any or all future Football South Coast and South Coast Flame FC sanctioned matches.

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