Match Reports

South Coast Flame travelled to face Dunbar Rovers in the first round of the second phase of the NPL 2 Youth Boys competition.

It was a strong start from the Flame with four wins and just one loss.

U13 Boys | Dunbar Rovers 3 South Coast Flame 1

Flame started well, a patient passing move out the back saw Tyce Tehovnik slip Matthias Burri in behind the defence, who then slipped Ollie Green behind to calmly finish past the goalkeeper in the first five minutes. 

However soon later, a lapse in concentration out the back saw a Dunbar player free in the box smash in an equalizer. 

The rest of the half was fairly even, Flame creating better half chances but just couldn’t get the ball to fall in place where it needed to be. 

The second half was almost completely different, Flame unable to create the same problems for Dunbar as they did in the first half. 

The side went behind midway through the first half after a poorly defender freekick saw a Dunbar player with a free shot at goal from the six-yard box.

Flame pushed on further but struggled to match the physicality of the Rovers opponents, and as time ran on South Coast fell away from their style of play, and saw Dunbar score a third goal late on to seal the contest. 

A harsh lesson learnt here for the boys that we need to show the right attitude, focus and determination to execute our player and team tasks moving forward to play to our full potential. 


Player of the Week: Tyce Tehovnik 

Worked hard in BP and BPO moments, and caused many problems for Dunbar being able to play threatening passes to create strong attacking moments for us.


U14 Boys| Dunbar Rovers 0 South Coast Flame 3

The start to the second half of the season saw Flame take on Dunbar, and the side hoped to improve on the 3-2 win with a more dominant performance. 

South Coast were hit with injuries early on in the first half but were able to take a 1-0 lead into halftime, after Josh Keir’s free-kick found Jake Ueda with Ueda’s first-time cross picking out Matt Page for a tap in. 

The second half was much like the first, Flame were unable to stay composed on the ball and find space to utilise our midfielders to keep possession of the ball. 

The side did, however, manage to show resilience and a winning mentality to grab two more goals through Euan Williams and Jake Morris. 


Player of the Week: Jake Morris 

Showed his leadership qualities throughout the week and during the game as we were without our captain. 

Displayed the Flame’s principles across the game, and helping to create chances for himself and the team.


U15 Boys | Dunbar Rovers 2 South Coast Flame 3

The boys had a great start to the game scoring in the first minute of the game through Levi Dirks the side went to halftime leading one 1-0 and dominating most of the first half.

Early in the second period, Flame conceded, however, the boys worked hard to score two quick-fire goals.

Some unforced eros in the second half saw the Rovers pull a goal back making in a nervy end to the match.

South Coast showed great resilience and held on to secure a 3-2 win. 


Player of the Week: Yoan Ciugureanu 

Yoan displayed an impressive work rate while also making positive runs into the box and earning himself two goals. 


U16 Boys | Dunbar Rovers 0 South Coast Flame 2

As the boys headed up the M1 to tackle Dunbar for the start of the second phase of the season it would be clear right from the kick-off Dunbar were going to be a hard team to break down as they came out full of aggression and were getting numbers behind the ball. 

It would be at the midway mark and after some tactical changes, the boys would start to gain more possession and start to control the game. 

After some brilliant build-up play, Jyden Harb and Louis Miller-Tamsitt would find the net for the Flame in close succession but would be ruled offside in what was two very close calls not going our way. 

As the first half came to a close at 0-0 it would be the flame who looked the more likely to open the scoring. 

As the second half got underway the Flame would continue on from the first half and start to wear down a tiring Dunbar defence. 

On the hour mark, Jyden Harb would open the scoring for the Flame after a well-taken free-kick from a wide area that alluded the Dunbar goalkeeper and defenders and found its way just inside the far post. 

Three minutes later and after a well-executed high press from a Dunbar goal kick, Jay De Gouveia would finish off to make it 2-0 for the Flame. 

The score would remain 2-0 to South Coast in what was a brilliant performance from the boys. 


Player of the Week: Will Aston and Jacob Carney 

Both players had exceptional performances and displayed all the qualities of what we expect from our players at the Flame


U18 Boys | Dunbar Rovers 0 South Coast Flame 2 

With the new draw in place, Flame travelled to Heffron Park to verse the second-placed team who have only lost one game in the last 11, so the boys faced a great challenge today to turn that around. 

From the very first whistle, the game was intense and fast, both teams attacking and defending with passion. 

With a new formation in place, Flame were keen to put their training into practice. 

Some great work by Luke Hoefsloot in the midfield during the first few minutes of the game saw Flame push high into the opposition half, but was shut down by the Dunbar defenders. 

A corner looks promising with a nice cross in by Sam Alston, but the keeper was ready. 

The Dunbar attackers played high at all times, making quick counterattacks, and each time our Flame defenders responded with strength and determination. 

An on-target Dunbar cross at the eighth minute was quickly wrapped up by our keeper Cayden Boyter stepping up from under-16s. 

Moments later, Flame took the ball forward and were awarded a freekick.

Following a scramble in the goalmouth, Noah Lehn brilliantly backheeled the ball into the net.

Our attackers continued to push high, guided by the defenders and worked hard to continue to make opportunities to score. 

Mason Vidella had a great volley on goal from a corner in the 15th minute, but it just skimmed wide of the net. 

Dunbar continued to push on in attack but our back four held strong and defended each movement. 

A freekick just out of the box in the 23rd was perfectly placed by Sam Alston for Ned Glasgow to finish in the net, bringing the score to 2-0. 

Both teams continued to play some great football in the second half and there were some intense moments for our defence, as both the Dunbar players and spectators intensified in their aggression to try and make a comeback. 

It was too little too late and our Flame boys worked hard and stuck to their game plan, playing as a team, to come away with a fantastic 2-0 win. 



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