Match Reports

South Coast Flame were more than thrilled to take home a hard-fought 3 points on the road this weekend against Blacktown City FC.

It was a quiet first half of football with both teams maintaining relatively even spells of possession.

Flame created their first chance at opening the score line in the 24th minute. Kellie McIntyre did well to invert and receive the ball centrally before passing It into Jarrah Fuz who set Jessica Cruickshank up on the edge of the box. She took her chances, however, couldn’t produce enough power to worry the Blacktown keeper, falling straight into her hands.

Blacktown then created their own chance at goal. After a change of possession in the midfield we saw a well-executed bounce pass between Eloise Hansen and Amelia Savetta that allowed Hansen to enter the box. Sariah Wilson did well to get a foot in preventing Savetta’s shot from troubling Flame keeper, Ciara Wade.

On the 30th minute McIntyre was brought down 20 yards out. Wilson stepped up to take the free kick and sent the ball into the box. Cruickshank did well to contest the header, however, took her defender out in the process resulting in a freekick the other way.

On the 37th minute Flame looked hungry to take the lead before the end of the half. An intense high press resulted in a turn-over in the final third allowing Cruickshank to square the ball for Paula Mitchell at the top of the box. She fired a shot first time, although sprayed it wide.

The half time whistle blew leaving both teams scoreless entering the second half.

It was again a quiet second half with neither team particularly dominating possession. Flame had moments of impressive defensive effort preventing Blacktown from entering the box for majority of the half.

Flame also displayed spells of effective combination play leading to penetrating balls into the wide channels, however, often struggled to execute the final pass.

One of Flame most dangerous moments of the game came off the foot of Wilson. After a corner was defended out of the box it fell to the feet of Wilson 20 plus yards out. She fired a left foot bullet towards goal, forcing the keeper to make a full stretch save, pushing it over the bar.

Notably, Flame seemed determined to the take the lead. In the dying minutes of the game another high pressing effort allowed for Emily Kostovski to regain possession dribbling at speed towards goal. She then fed a ball in between two defenders for Imogen Woolnough, although the keeper read the play and scooped the ball before Woolnough had the chance to take a touch.

The game then headed into the final minutes of added time and Flame for the second time this season stole the win only seconds before the final whistle.

Sariah Wilson collected the ball wide before beating her player and carrying it centrally. She then played Mikayla De Jong into the box who beat her own player and pulled off a left foot shot. The ball fired past the keeper into the bottom corner leaving the Flame side celebrating as the final whistle blew.

It was a story to write home about for De Jong and the rest of the Flame side.




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