Match Reports

It was the battle of the coasts this weekend when South Coast Flame came against Central Coast Mariners at Ian Mclennan Park. The South Coast home side unfortunately fell short going down 1-0.

It was an exciting start to the afternoon with Mariners having their first chance at a lead only minutes into the game. Mariner’s midfielder, Eliza Familton wasted no time driving into the box and cutting the ball across the face of the goal past the goal keeper. However, the Mariner’s attack just couldn’t get a toe on it letting it go out for a goal kick.

Notably, the Flame side responded brilliantly, having their first chance at goal the very next play. Some effective build up play through the lines, involving midfielders Ashley Kotevski, Jarrah Fuz and Cristina Barraza resulted in Paula Mitchell driving with the ball in the final third. After beating her player she pulled off a quick shot, forcing the goal keeper to parry the ball in box. The ball was quickly cleared by Mariners defence after some sharp pressure from Flames winger Lisa Prior

On the 11th minute mark Mariners presented themselves with another opportunity on goal.

After a freekick just short of half way Mariners placed a dangerous lofted ball into the box that resulted in both teams scrambling before the ball fell at the feet of Familton. Familton took her chance just outside a crowded eighteen-yard box spraying it just wide of the post.

However, Flame responded quickly once again, creating their own chance in the following minutes. Centre back Alexis Malizis played a penetrating diagonal ball that was initially contested by Mariners defence although Prior was able to volley it straight back into the box for Barraza square in front of goal. However, Barraza’s attempt was just off target resulting in a goal kick.

Both teams continued to create chances.

In the 40th minute Flame had their most convincing opportunity of the first half after Kellie McIntyre played clever switch ball for Mitchell in the wide channel. Mitchell took a long range shot that just tipped over the cross bar.

Although just a minute from the half time whistle Mariners capitalised on the fatigued flame side and took the lead. Some short combination play and skilful ball work from Andie Chaseling gave her the space to bury the ball into the bottom corner.

Despite Mariners taking the lead it was a relatively evenly matched first 45 minutes. Both sides displayed a disciplined defensive approach and confidently handled the pressure from the opposing team. Along with periods of controlled possession and individual brilliance making it an entertaining first half for our spectators.

The Mariners side came out firing after the half time break with a goal scoring opportunity just minutes in, forcing Ciara Wade to make a save.

The Mariners continued their high press approach that at times left flame struggling to play through the lines, often resulting in a contested long ball.

Mariners seemed to control the pace of the game and created various chances in the second half.

Notably, in true flame style, the home side displayed a never say die attitude leaving the Mariners side scrambling to keep their lead in the final minutes of the game.

The home side placed extreme pressure on the Mariners defence, having four shots on goal in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Including pressure from Emily Kostovski and McIntyre causing a forced turnover that gave McIntyre a fighting chance to even the score line. Although her driven shot just sprayed wide of the top corner leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Despite the Flame’s fighting nature, they just couldn’t manage to equalise the score line in the end and Mariners walked away with 3 points.

The South Coast Flame now set their sights for their midweek game against local Derby side South East Phoenix.



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