Match Reports

The South Coast Flame were back on home turf this week against local Derby side Sutherland Strikers. Flame put on a show for the home crowd with a convincing 6-1 win. Paula Mitchell, Kellie McIntyre, Lisa Prior and Sariah Wilson all contributing to the score sheet.

Flame was rewarded early for their high intensity start after a high press from a Sutherland goal kick resulted in Jarrah Fuz intercepting the ball just outside the box. Fuz played a first-time ball for Mitchel allowing her to capitalise on a I v I with the goal keeper, confidently placing the ball in back of the net.

Sutherland managed to keep the hungry home side at bay for the following 15 minutes. Although after a successful short corner variation involving Cristina Baraza, McIntyre’s long range shot from wide flew over Sutherland goal keeper, Lucy Goss, into the back of the net.

It wasn’t long before the flame side were adding to the score board once again. Some sharp combination play between attacking players Mitchell, Kostovski and Prior landed Mitchell with a bouncing ball just inside the box volleyed into the back of the net.

Just before the break, Flame secured a corner taken by Midfielder, Barraza. She sent a left foot lofted ball into the penalty spot that left the defensive side scrambling. After multiple attempted shots and clearances, Prior put her body on the line and took a deflection that resulted in her placing her name of the score sheet.

Flame had a dominant first half and were confidently heading into the second half with a 4-nil lead.

Sutherland tested the Flame goal keeper, Ciara Wade, early in the second half with a slotted ball from the midfield into the feet of Leila Szczepanik. Szczepanik just couldn’t manage to put the ball past Wade, who successfully scoped up the driven shot.

The second half was a more evenly possessed game, as we saw the Sutherland side mustered up some chances.

However, Flame continued their fiery streak with Wilson scoring an absolute screamer outside the box in the 69th minute. Wilsons top corner bullet saw the Flame side extend their lead to 5-0.

Notably, the away side did not go down without a fight. Pressure from Szczepanik on Flame Keeper, Wade, lead to a forced turnover in front of goal and saw Flame punished for their mistake.

Flame still managed to polish off their lead with Mitchell securing a ha-ttrick and the six goal of the game for our home side. Just before the final whistle Mitchell drove centrality towards goal, played Jessica Cruickshank who took a shot that was deflected by Sutherlands defence. Although the deflection fell at the feet of Mitchell, just inside the box and she was able to tuck the ball neatly beyond the goalkeeper.

Flame was able to utilise this game to increase their goal difference and make a statement to the rest of the competition that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Ashley Kotevski was awarded player of the match after her consistent defensive efforts in the midfield and contribution to the effective build up play seen throughout the game.


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